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Our company is the authorized partner of Autodata for the Greek market.

The Autodata is the world's largest supplier and publisher of technical information for the aftermarket car. Autodata's mission is always to be the most innovative, accurate and respected supplier of technical information.

Provides information systems covering technical information on cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles. Covering over 15,000 models, with information from 80 manufacturers. These systems ensure access to free workshops on the most accurate and updated information from manufacturers required for complete maintenance, repair and diagnosis in the shortest possible time.

Our company for all these reasons, created a new space that is constantly upgraded with equipment and seminar room for the continuing education of staff and partners.

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Watch the new pack AUTODATA - ONLINE with a total of 30 categories and many new such as:
Guided Diagnosis / afterburner exhaust oil / Log out link and Batteries
Clutch / Electric parking brake / tire pressure monitoring system



Online 4

Online 3

This service is available
for free and is integrated
in spare parts list of our company.
This package provides as default services:
service - alignment - tires
This package provides as default services: 
Service-Diagnose - Repair - Alignment
Tires - Electrical - Programming


Technical data (Petrol & Diesel)


Technical data (Petrol & Diesel)

 -  efthigrammisi
-  megethi-kai-pieseis-elastikon
Tyre pressures
Tyre pressures
 -  imantes-xronismou
Timing Belts and Chains
Timing Belts and Chains
 -  xronoi-episkevis
Repair times
Repair times
 - endeiktiko-service
Service indicator 
Service indicator
 -  eikones-service
Service illustrations
Service illustrations
 -  programmatismos-kleidiou
Key programming
Key programming 
 -  programmatismena-service
Service schedules
 -  -  diagnostiko-kodikou-vlavon
Diagnostic trouble codes
 - -  epilisi-provlimaton-kai-simvoules-episkevis
Known fixies and bulletins
 -  - sistima-diaxeirisis-kinitira-elegxos-exartimaton
Engine management and Component testing
 -  -  sistima-diaxeirisis-kinitira-stoixeia-epafon
Engine management - pin data
 -  - analisi-vlavon
Engine management - trouble shooter
 -  -  aerosakoi
 -  -  klimatismos
Air conditioning
 -  -  sistima-abs
Anti-lock brake system
 -  -  topothetiseis-exartimaton
Component locations
 -  - ilektrika-diagrammata-sistima-diaxeirisis-kinitira
Electrical Diagrams (Engine Management System)
 -  -  sxedio-kiklomatos
Electrical Diagrams (ABS & AC)
 -  - diagrammata-kalodioseon
Wiring diagrams
 -  -  kathodigoumeni-diagnosi
Guided diagnostics
 -  -  sistima-parakolouthisis-piesis-elastikon
Tyre pressure monitoring system
 -  - ilektriko-freno-parkarismatos
Electric parking brake
 -  -  aposindesi kai sindesi mpatarias
Battery disconnection and reconnection
 -  - proeidopoiitikes-lixnies
Lights & Symbols
 -  - simplektes
 -  - aposindesi-mpatarias-kai-epanarithmiseis
Battery disconnection and reconnection 
 -  -  metakafsi
Diesel management Trouble shooter
 -  - imantes-kinisis-voithikon-sistimaton
Auxiliary drive belts
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130€ + VAT 23% = 159,90€
Renewal (annual subscription)
149€ + VAT 23% = 183,27€
Register (annual subscription)
509€ + VAT 23% = 626,07€

Renewal (annual subscription)
599€ + VAT 23% = 736,77€
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* The product is supported throughout the rental by phone at 2310553114, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by email at and through software TeamViewer (tm) remote to your computer.

**All Autodata products are available only online. You will not find them on CD or DVD.